Etienne A. Mejia, M.D.

Dr. Etienne A. Mejia is a board certified orthopedic surgeon with subspecialty fellowship training in arthroscopy, athletic injuries, sports medicine and rehabilitation.

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Dan R. Kraeger, D.O.

Dr. Dan R. Kraeger specializes in the non-operative treatment and rehabilitation of muscle and joint injuries, as well as back pain.

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Appleton Leader Reclaims Her Lake Life after Successful Shoulder Surgery and Rehabilitation

August 7, 2020

Colleen Dreher is spending the summer of 2020 enjoying the “Lake Life” with her family. The CEO of Dreher Collision Centers steps from the dock into the hull of her boat with ease, hugging two of her 12 grandchildren as she takes a seat next to them. This would not have been possible last summer. While traveling in Chicago eighteen months ago, the active business owner fell out of a pothole, damaging both of her shoulders. The injury was the final blow after years of aggravation from playing golf and hanging from the monkey-bars with her grandchildren. “I had a torn rotator cuff and there was atrophy of the muscle,” says Colleen. “It was difficult to drive to our service locations, which are located about an hour apart. I wasn’t the high-energy leader I wanted to be. It was impacting the relationships I had with my employees and my family.” She had shoulder surgery with another provider after her injury. When her pain persisted, she was told there was nothing more that could be done. She sought a second opinion, which was met with the same conclusion. After struggling through the winter of 2019, Colleen asked her nurse and best friend for advice. They both referred her to the

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